which are the best poker cards

A good poker player always has at least one poker set at home, and at least one poker cards deck wherever he goes. But with so much poker cards to choose from, the big question is how to find quality ones that will last you a long time.

The quality of poker cards essentially depends on the following criteria: manufacturer, price, color and the size of the symbol. The size of the symbol can be standard or jumbo. Some of the best manufacturers of poker cards are COPAG, Fournier, Bicycle, Kem, Modiano, Bee and Cartamundi. Tickets can be plasticized or 100% plastic.

Leading Manufacturers of Poker Cards

Fournier cards are Spanish producers who are leading professional cards on the market. Their poker decks are pleasant to the touch, maintain their shape even after several hours playing and have clear colors. Their most popular models are EPT Gold Edition, Fournier No. 2800 Fournier Poker Vision and many others.

COPAG cards are made of durable and high-performance materials, they are distinguished by high quality and beautiful colors offering high resistance so they can last really long time. COPAG poker cards are available in various models, such as for example Texas Hold’em Gold with black or red backing, PokerStars, Copag Jumbo Index and others.

Kem poker cards are best known for the fact that they do not contain PVC raw materials and are made of 100% cellulose acetate plastic. Kem cards are also known for their prestigious design.

Beside those currently leading manufacturers on the market, there are some popular brands and everyday playing cards who managed to keep the high quality for over last 20 years, such as Bicycle cards and Brybelly cards. These cards are mostly known for their good balance when it comes to quality and pricing.

Poker playing cards can also be special and unique, which are then more intended for collectors rather than for everyday play. Such as for example COPAG EPOC and Bicycle Anne Stokes, designed by renowned fantasy artist, Bicycle Alchemy 1977 England Gothic painting and others.

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