how to choose a great poker table

When people talk about playing poker and everything you need for a good home game most of them think about poker chips, cards or some other poker accessories but not many think about one of the most important thing – a poker tables.

It’s really hard to get that feeling you have when you play at some great casino if you are organizing a poker game for your friends at home, but if there is one thing that can make it almost as the real deal, it’s a poker table. A professional looking poker table will significantly improve the quality of a home game and will make your friends stay longer, which means more time to take their money.

So, in addition to buying a nice poker set that will have enough chips, quality poker cards that will last long, you might think about getting a good poker table. This might seem difficult for inexperienced poker players, but luckily for you we have a few tips we will share in order to help you choose.

And before you dismiss the idea of buying a poker table because of how much they cost, keep in mind that you can easily find some affordable solutions that are actually quite good and durable. They don’t even have to be whole tables, because a good poker table used for professional games can cost a lot. You can use tops that you can easily mount on your kitchen table, or that old one you keep in your garage, and get a great new poker table really cheap.

Professional poker tables

professional poker tables

As you probably know, poker is played on specially designed poker tables, which is something you can see in every casino in the world. You might try to build one yourself, and if you search the internet you will probably find some designs that you can use, but this is a time-consuming task that requires certain expertise, and given the time you will spend and the money you will need to buy all the materials, it’s much easier to buy a complete poker table.

And if your budget allows it, the best way is to get a complete professional poker table, just like the ones you can see in casinos. They are very comfortable, durable so they will last you for years, and if you don’t have enough space to store them when you are not playing you can even find great foldable poker tables that will take up very little of your space.

As all great poker tables in casinos, these home versions are also made out of quality wood, they are specially designed so that players can keep their chips and cards comfortably, and even have special holders where players can keep their drinks while the game is on. They are covered with special cloth that not only looks and feel great, but will also make your cards and chips slide effortlessly.

Professional poker tables come in different shapes – they can be oval, octagonal or round so you will easily find one that best suits your needs and fits in the room where you are planning to play with your friends.

Other poker table solutions

poker cloth

Professional poker tables really are great, but for most of us they are quite expensive so in most cases we will need some other way to turn our home into a professional casino before the game starts. For most of us, a quality poker cloth is the way to go, especially if we are playing on a large oval table, shaped almost as those in casinos.

These poker cloths are specially designed and made out of waterproof fabric, so even if one of your friends is very clumsy (and we all have one of them in our crew) they will not ruin it by spilling their drink. These cloths are very durable so you will be able to use them for years, and the material is specially designed to make the cards and chips slide easily, which will speed up your game. In other words, more hands to take their money.

If professional poker tables are too expensive, but you want more than just cloth over your table, than poker table tops are the best solution for you. They are made out of wood or some other strong material and include a quality poker cloth. You can easily place them on top of any normal table that suits their size and turn it into a professional poker table in seconds.

They come in different sizes and are usually made for games of 8 or less players. Poker table top also have special holders for chips and drinks and most of them are foldable so you can easily store them after the game is over.

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