how to play combo draw in poker

Sometimes a combo draw (or a strong draw as they are usually called) can have more equity than a made hand. Combo draw is a hand where you have more than 12 outs, and in some occasions you can be a favorite over a player that already has a hand. The strength they have, and implied odds you get if you hit make these hands perfect for a strong and fast play, on any kind of flop.

These draws, even the worst combo draw (a flush and a gut shoot straight), only make you a slight dog to monster hands like overpairs, and a favorite against average hands, which is why they are a great spot to earn big money. But nonetheless, you will need a good strategy in order to get the best from these hands.

Combo draw – why to play them strong

One of the first rules in poker is to bet strong and make the pots big when you have good odds. For example, if you called a pre-flop raise and have a combo draw on the flop then raising your opponent’s continuation bet will give you great odds for your draw.

The reason to play them strong is the fact that if your opponent has a made hand, you’re more likely to get called on the flop, then on the turn or river if a scary card comes out. As we already said making a pot big with these hands is your goal.

Fold equity

fold equity and combo draw in texas holdem poker

Playing your combo draws strong can make you take the pot even before you actually hit your monster, thanks to fold equity. Fold equity refers to the chance your opponent will fold when you bet strong on the flop.

For example – your opponent raises pre-flop, you call. Flop comes, he hits top pair, and you have a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw. You bet, he raises and you go all in. Now, if he calls you have great odds to win a huge pot, but even if he folds you still win a significant pot.

Playing combo draws strong and fast is something that should be an important part of your overall strategy. This is one of rare situations where the same move can bring you huge money no matter if your opponent is tight or loose. You’ll have great fold equity from the tight ones, and often win huge pots against loose ones. The main thing us to stop being passive and exploit hands that have great odds.


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