bad beats in poker learn to accept them

Most poker players think that they are special and deserve to have more success than others. They act like all the situations they go through are unique, especially when it comes to bad beats. No matter how miserable you might feel when someone takes the pot in a hand you were a huge favorite, bad beats are and always will be a crucial part of poker.

And no matter how crazy the hand was or how lucky your opponent got on the river, someone somewhere already went through that same situation.

Why is it important to accept bad beats as something that happens to everyone? Well, poker is mostly game of skill, but luck has a huge part on the outcome of some hands, so the reality can sometimes be very hard. The sooner you learn how to live with this, the better you’ll become. You’ll start accepting bad beats as something you can’t control and find comfort in the fact that you made all the right moves. Only that will make you a profitable poker player in the long run.

As different as all professional players are, they all have one thing on common – they’ve learned how to accept bad beats as a crucial part of the game. Every one of them can tell you hundreds of stories how they lost huge pots or entire tournaments in the most brutal and unlucky way. But they realize that in the long run, if you learn how to make good decisions and improve your strategy, you’ll make money.

Bad beats never stop in poker

bad beats never stop in poker

If you’re a player who often complains about the hands you lost and talk about this to your friends, the chances are that you’re a player who never made a significant success in poker. The reason for this is that you don’t see the big picture.

Bad beats will never stop, but if you focus too much on them then you’ll be on tilt often and start to lose focus during your sessions. Keep in mind that luck only affects some hands, but your strategy and decisions determine how successful you’ll be.

Here’s an example. You have A10 and end up going all in with a player that holds KJ. Now, you’re going to win in 60% of hands, but the problem is that most players think that being favorite means that you have to win always. You forget about those 40% of hands, and when they happen you start thinking that you’re the unluckiest player in the world.

Good players are aware of these percentages which is why they accept bad beats so easily. Always keep in mind that no matter what you hold in your hand, whether you’re a favorite or not, every poker hand can go either ways, which is why the game is so interesting. Even with 2% chance of winning you can still take or lose the pot.

After all, you should always invest in your knowledge by reading great poker books where you can see and learn how the poker professionals actually deal with the bad beats and how they manage to stay profitable in long runs beside those unlucky outcomes.


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