playing poker against aggressive opponents

Not all players have the same style, so learning how to adjust your game to different types of opponents is crucial if you want to be successful. It seems like the aggressive types are the toughest ones to play against. They are constantly putting pressure on you and forcing you to make big decisions. It’s great when you’re the aggressor, but in order to succeed in poker you also have to develop a great strategy against those that are trying to bully you around.

In the past few years being aggressive has become extremely popular. So today it is considered as a basic and logical step if you want to learn to play poker against such opponents.

These players see a lot of flops and often have the chance to steal the pots afterwards because it’s hard to put them on a hand. When you encounter these players there are only two ways you can play. You can either be as aggressive as they are, or try to find a way to crush their game.

Tips for aggressive opponents

tips for playing poker against aggressive opponents

Playing as aggressively can be fun. You’ll get to see a lot of flops that might hit your wide range, but unless you have a good strategy or a large enough bankroll this might cost you a lot. You’ll often get in heads up situations and in most cases the winner will be determined by luck. Depending on luck is not a good way to become successful in poker.

The best thing to do when you’re up against an aggressive player is to start as a total opposite. Play strong hands and only confront him when you’re sure have a big advantage. The result is that when you hit your hand aggressive players will give you a lot of action, and you’ll get the chance to win some huge pots.

Your bets will be perceived as very strong hands which you can use to your advantage and start putting more pressure on your opponents in tricky situations. Soon it will become much easier to bluff them and you’ll take the role of the aggressor, and the control of the game.

Now keep in mind that this cannot last long, and that your opponents will start resisting you so you’ll have to switch back to your starting game style. The point is to constantly switch your style and to always do the opposite of what they are expecting.


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