micro stakes poker strategy

Micro stakes include cash tables from $0.01/$0.02 ($2NL) to $0.25/$0.50 ($50NL), they generally have less money in play and players are mostly loose and like to play a lot of hands. The fact that players will in most cases play loose means that you will often play against opponents who are on flush or straight draws, so one of the first things you should remember is to play aggressive your strong hands and take you opponents’ entire stacks. Here are some tips on micro stakes poker strategy and how to quickly advance to higher levels with a significant bankroll.

Tips on micro stakes poker strategy

Do not try to outplay your opponents

You might think you’re the best player on your table but proving that in every hand will not be profitable in micro limit tables. If you start putting a lot of pressure on your opponents and bluff too much you’ll get a lot of calls even with bottom pairs, which can cost you a lot.

Remember that your main goal is to win money and not outplay your opponents, so bet only when you’re strong.

Micro limit players like to trap

playing micro stakes trapping

This is something a lot of players who started on micro limit tables and advanced high stakes always say. This fact is important when thinking to go all in when your opponent already called your previous bets. In most cases, if the board had no draws, you are being trapped and your opponent is probably holding a monster. Simple fact is that if you play strong hands aggressively you will always win more then you lose in bad beats.

Don’t give advices

Some players like to show off or simply try to help other players by giving them advice when they make a bad move. You should never do that because you need your players to make mistakes in order to take their chips. Keep your knowledge to yourself and hope all players at your table constantly make mistakes.

Watch out for re-raises

Micro limits are where most players play textbook poker, so a re-raise in most cases stands for a really strong hands. This is especially important after the flop since a lot of players have a wide range for starting hands, and they can easily hit a monster on any flop. Of course, if you know a player often do this and likes to put pressure on their opponents than you can relax and call when you have a hand.

Avoid bluffing

As we already said throughout this article, your players will play a lot of hands pre-flop, so bluffing them is not a good idea because they will call if they hit even a bottom pair or a draw. Instead use this to get a lot of chips when you do hit. If you do get caught when bluffing show you hand sometimes – this might make you look like an aggressive bluffer and make someone call you with a marginal hand when you do hit a monster.

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