most common sit and go mistakes

Most of the profit we make in poker comes from the way we take advantage of mistakes our opponents make. That also means that the money we lose is based on how often we make mistakes, and here you can learn some of the most common ones. Avoiding them, and recognizing them in your opponents’ strategy, will have a significant impact on your bankroll.

Playing to many hands in the early stage

One of the mistakes all bad players do is playing to many hands in the early stages of the tournament. You’ll often see players entering the pot with any Ace in the first few blind levels, and ending up losing a lot of chips against stronger Aces. Don’t change your starting hands strategy just because the blinds are small, because the chips you lose playing like these will be extremely important in the late stage of the SnG.

Entering multi-way pots with relatively strong hands

Hands like TT or JJ are pretty strong pre-flop, but if you play it passively and enter a pot with three or four players, you’ll can get in a lot of trouble if there are one or two over cards on the flop. You should play these hands more aggressively and make players with marginal hands like KT fold. Playing against one player will make it easier to bluff if there are over cards on the flop.

Not adjusting starting hands to different SnG stages

When blinds are going up and there’s fewer players left we have to widen are starting hands range. One of the rules to follow is that as the tournament progress you’ll need weaker hands to raise, and stronger to call then in the early stages. For example, small pairs are great for early stage because you have great implied odds if you hit the set, but not so much in the final stages.

Playing the blinds poorly

Playing the blinds is extremely important, no matter what SnG stage you’re in. If you never defend the blinds than you’ll often get raised from the cut-off or the button. On the other hands, if you defend them to often then you’ll often find yourself playing big pots out of position. Knowing your opponents and how aggressive they are is extremely important here. Don’t let the aggressive ones bully you, and don’t get too evolved with the ones that are tight.

Underestimating the bubble stage

Bubble stage is extremely important in SnG’s and normal tournaments. Most of your profit can come during this stage if you play it good, but make sure to transfer your game to a push/fold mode. Play only hands you are willing to go all the way, and play them aggressively.

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