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The expansion of poker as one of the most popular card games and a chance to earn money playing it online and on other platforms, has increased the interest in poker books and fundamental knowledge of the game and its principles.

Although the basic rules are like in chess, quite simple, when you dig deeper you will see that there is a multitude of different philosophies and approaches to playing.

One of the best ways to accumulate knowledge you’ll need to earn money and become a great poker player is through reading books that explain the philosophy of the game and best strategies. Website offers a great selection of excellent poker books that will help you raise your poker game to the next level.

Poker books that are available in our shop will bring you the experience of some of the biggest names in the history of poker. They will lead you step by step through various situations in cash games or poker tournaments and explain advanced concepts and philosophies that will surely improve your game and your poker balance.

Selection of best poker books and authors

selection of best poker authors and poker books

Books that are available in our shop offer several different perspectives into the world of poker, so we are confident that all types of poker players will find something that suits their game style. Whether you are an aggressive, passive, loose or a tight player, these books will definitely offer a trick or two that you can use on a poker table.

Poker Collector offers all of the classics when it comes to poker books including the Super System that offers poker strategy and gameplay tips from Doyle Brunson, twice world champion, and one of the best players in the history of poker, a book by Lou Krieger about the basics of the five most popular forms of poker in the world and their differences, books by Dan Harrington which are considered as some of the best written poker books of all time.

Poker books will help you in all stages of the game, from choosing the right type of poker, selecting your starting hands, calculate the probability of victory and defeat, gain the ability to read and deceive the opponent, and choose the best choices depending on the aggressiveness of your opponents.

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