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Only the Greatest Poker Books to Improve Your Poker Skills

Whether you are a professional or a recreational poker player, without the right knowledge you will never achieve your goals. So we bring you the finest selection of must-have poker books for all of you wanting to become serious poker players regardless of your gameplay level. Here you can find some master pieces of most successful world poker players. Improve your knowledge, rise your game and never fold!


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      • In this guide, two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little explains numerous strategies he uses for beating small stakes poker tournaments
      • Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments will explain how to think for yourself while at the table in order to adjust your strategy based on your specific opponents
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      • One of the ten greatest books written on poker
      • Caro reveals the secrets of interpreting tells – physical reactions that reveal information about a player’s cards – such as shrugs, sighs, shaky hands, eye contact, and many more
      • Learn when opponents are bluffing, when they aren’t and why – based solely on their mannerisms
      • Over 170 photos of players in action and play-by-play examples show the actual tells
      • These powerful ideas will give you the decisive edge
      • Book contains 320 pages
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      • This book introduces you to the Fundamental Theorem of Poker, its implications, and how it should affect your play
      • Discusses theories and concepts applicable to nearly every variation of the game
      • Including five-card draw (high), seven-card stud, hold ’em, low-ball draw, and razz (seven-card low-ball stud).
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      • In 600 pages it is illustrated in black and white throughout
      • Author – twice-world champion and Hall of Famer Doyle Brunson and five leading poker experts
      • Collaborators – David “Chip” Reese, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Joey Hawthorne, and former world champion Bobby Baldwin
      • This treatise on professional-level poker is the result of over 10,000 hours of labor by the world’s greatest players and theorists
      • This is the must-have book for serious poker players
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      • Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em is a sensation in poker publishing
      • Jonathan Little brings together 17 of the greatest no-limit experts to discuss all aspects of the game
      • Include superstars such as Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sexton and Jared Tendler
      • Excelling at No-Limit Hold‘em provides all the tools that an aspiring player needs to understand no-limit hold‘em
      • It is a must buy for anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their poker
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      • Suitable for both beginning and experienced poker players
      • Develop a keen understanding of Probability and Odds
      • Learn to quickly calculate Pot Odds & Implied Odds
      • Effectively use Pot Equity & The Rule of 2 & 4
      • Understand how to use Expected Value (EV)
      • Learn the important math behind Bluffs & Hero Calls
      • Learn Card Combinations
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      • Learn from one of the world s most successful No-Limit Hold Em players
      • Author Dan Harrington won the gold bracelet and the World Champion title
      • Definitive book on No-Limit Hold Em for players who want to win … and win big
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      • Dan Harrington won the gold bracelet and the World Champion title at the $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold ’em Championship at the 1995 World Series of Poker
      • And he was the only player to make it to the final table in 2003 (field of 839) and 2004 (field of 2,576) considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history
      • In Harrington on Hold ’em, Harrington and two-time World Backgammon Champion Bill Robertie have written the definitive book on no-limit hold ’em for players who want to win and win big
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Millions of books sold!
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      • Twenty-eight professional poker players – Real Grinders
      • Some of the best pro players from around the world talk about every aspect of playing for a living; the good parts, the bad parts, the successes, and the challenges
      • Professional poker doesn’t get more real than this
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