playing suited connectors in poker SnGs

Suited connectors might not be as valuable in SnG’s as there are in cash games, but they can still bring you a lot of chips if you work on your strategy and pick the right spots to play them. The most important thing to remember is that in SnG’s stacks are never as big as deep stacked cash games, so you can play suited connectors as often as you would, but if you do, you have to be disciplined and have an exit strategy.

Keep in mind that in SnG’s when the stacks are not deep, they have lesser value because you risk everything much to win a small stack, so the first lesson in playing them the right way is to stop overvaluing them. To be sure that you have the best hand you have to hit a flush or a straight, but these don’t come as often, so if you call strong bets too much you’ll soon lose a significant part of your stack. Try to only play them cheap and preferably in multi-way pots, and stop calling strong bets with gutshots.

Their biggest value is in the early stages of the tournament, because these is when yours and your opponents’ stacks are deepest so you can win a lot when you hit. Also the blinds are still small so in most cases it won’t cost you a lot to see the flop. A lot of players often limps in when the blinds are small, so you have a bigger chance to enter a multi-way pot and take a lot of chips if you hit.

How to play suited connectors

how to play suited connectors in poker

The most important thing is to know when to bail out. When you have a draw and get good odds of course you should play, but weak players lose most of their chips calling gutshots and giving away chips with terrible odds. Also, try to play them in late positions because limping in from early position or calling a small raise might lead to a re-raise from players behind you that you can’t call. Never give away free chips.

Before deciding whether to play suited connectors you have to take blind levels in consideration. In mid-stage of a tournament, when you have between 15 and 30 big blinds play them only from the button or cut-off if you know the player on your left is not aggressive. The reason is that you don’t have a lot of chips to spare, so if you limp you’ll have to fold after any raise, and if you call you better make sure you have position on the raiser.

In the late stage of a tournament you won’t have much play beside fold or all in, so suited connectors have a very little to no value. The only reason to play them would be if you are trying to steal the blinds, but then, if you decide to steal and have a read on your opponent, any hand will do.




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