use your table image in poker

Your table image in poker and the way your opponents perceive you is extremely important no matter if you’re playing tournaments, SnG’s or cash tables. They will pay attention on things like whether you’re aggressive or passive player, can they make you fold by 3-betting often or are you a calling station, how you play certain hands…These are the things you should always be aware of too, and use the way your opponents see you against them.

Your biggest profit will come from situation when you made a move none of your opponents expected or did exactly the opposite of what everybody thought you will. Good players are aware that your table image in poker dictates the way other players will play against you, and use this to their advantage.

How players classify others at poker table

how players classify others at poker table

There are three things most players will take in consideration when deciding how to “classify” your playing style. First there is your general image – are you tight or aggressive. Second is your hand history at that table and the way you play in some common situations, and the third are the last few hands you played.

Your general image rarely changes, but your micro image – the image you have at that table, can be more dynamic and adjustable. Your general image dictates the way your opponents will play the entire session against you, but your micro image dictates the way they will act in a certain hand. If you use your micro image at the right moment you could take some huge pots and confuse your opponents for future action.

Before you can use your image, you have to understand your game and try to look at it from your opponent’s point of view. Your style, whether aggressive or tight, will dictate the way your opponents play against you.

After you’ve done that, sit at the table, play your normal game and see how many players are paying attention to the way you’re playing. Since you’re the new player at the table, this is the stage when your opponents are trying to get as much information as possible about you.

When you’re sure they have a clear picture about your style, change it completely and catch them off guard. It’s important to pick the right spots and big pots to make the change, or your opponents will realize that you’re capable to switch styles but you won’t get paid in the process.

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