how to take money from different types of players

When you play small or medium stakes you don’t have to learn how to read each and every one of the opponents sitting at your table. With so many online cash players you’ll probably never see them again once you leave the table. It’s a plus if you can do that, but it’s much more important to recognize the type of the player and act accordingly. Your basic strategy must have certain finesse for different types of poker players, and here are some advice on how to win the most common player types in online cash games.

The most common types of poker players


You’ll easily spot a rock at your table, because he’ll play an extremely small number of hands. They can sit for hours and only play premium hands, so you can steal a lot of pots from these players. You should put as much pressure as you can on him. Steal his blinds whenever you have the chance, and even if he calls your pre-flop raise, the chances are you’ll easily steal the pot after the flop. On the other hand if he continues to call after the flop or raise you he probably has a monster. Rocks sit all day waiting for players that bluff them at the wrong moment. Don’t make that mistake.

Tight aggressive (TAG)

This is the style you should be playing at micro and medium limits. It’s hard to play these players and in most cases you should try to avoid confrontation unless you have a big hand. If you try to put the pressure on him, make sure you recognized the weaknesses in his strategy, and only do it at the perfect moment. Pay good attention on how they play, because by recognizing their weaknesses you might also recognize some of your own.


playing poker against aggressive players

They are completely different than the types we mentioned before. These are weak and wild players, always playing loose and generally perceiving poker not as a game of strategy but the game where being crazy is what makes you win. Key point in your strategy against these players is to make them bluff you, and be sure that they often will. There are perfect for winning huge pots with premium hands, and what’s best of it is that in most cases you’ll take their stacks simply by calling. Wait for premium hands and avoid bluffing them.

Loose aggressive (LAG)

These players play a lot of hands, and are very similar to maniacs, but with a certain amount of self-control. A good LAG player makes the most of his profit post-flop. With their wide range they can hit something on any board, but also bluff whenever they feel even a slight weakness in their opponents’ strategy. They are perfect for trapping.

You can slow play your premium hands and try to make them to put a pressure on you. Also, if you do have a hand and there’s a big draw on the flop bet aggressively because with their wide range they can often be on a straight or some flush draw. Make them pay if you feel like they’re waiting to improve their hand – they’ll often call and you can win huge pots.


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